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Reprinted with Permission from Deloitte University Press

Wearables hold possibilities for driving down costs and increasing competitiveness. What could it mean for your organization?

POV Dispatch: Let's Get Small: Big Breakthroughs in the World of the Nanoscale

By Andrew Hessel | Reprinted with Permission from Autodesk//Labs

Everyone's talking about design today, but there's still one thing about design that many people don't realize: it can be done on an extremely small scale. In fact, the nanoscale. The world that I spend a lot of time thinking about is invisible to most people. It exists far below what a conventional microscope can perceive. In fact, it can only be clearly seen at the level of the electron microscope, or the atomic force microscope.

Three for Three As Stratasys Acquires Again to Strengthen Material Development Capabilities

By Rachel Park | Reprinted with Permission from

Following its acquisitions of Solid Concepts and Harvest Technologies in the middle of last week, Friday saw Stratasysenter into a definitive asset purchase agreement to acquire certain assets of Wisconsin-based Interfacial Solutions, a provider of thermoplastics R&D and production services.

Why Making Things Still Matters

By Stephen Hoover | Reprinted with Permission from Techonomy

Innovation and the desire for innovation are nationally and globally pervasive. But by any measure of geographic or economic density, most of us still see Silicon Valley as the leader and lodestar of innovation.