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3DXNano™ ESD Carbon Nanotube 3D Printing Filament

Optimized for demanding 3D printing applications in the semi-con and electronics industry

Responding to the needs of this global market, 3DXTech ( has introduced two new grades of ESD-safe materials that have been developed specifically for use in desktop 3D Printers. 3DXNano™ ESD filaments are made from engineering-grade polymers and incorporate multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to achieve a highly consistent ESD-level of conductivity.

3DXTech chose CNTs to assure a consistent level of ESD performance, an optimal balance of mechanical properties, durability, and low particulate contamination. Both 3DXNano™ products target 107 to 109 Ohms surface resistivity and are capable of being used on a wide variety of desktop 3D printers. 

"Our 3DXNano™ ESD products will work in practically any desktop 3D printer with a heated build platform," says Matt Howlett, President of 3DXTech. "We chose to incorporate CNTs into these products because they offer exceptionally consistent ESD properties with very low loading rates. This allows for the filament to be more ductile and have less particulate contamination compared to traditional carbon black additives. The base resins we used - ABS and PETG - are very familiar to the 3D printing community and suitable for most desktop 3D printers. Whereas ABS is suitable for the majority of applications, we needed a more chemically resistant polymer for applications where improved chemical resistance is needed. We chose PETG because it is a permanently amorphous polyester that exhibits very good chemical resistance, exceptionally low moisture absorption, and excellent dimensional stability." 

3D Printed Conformal Coating Mask using 3DXNano™ ESD Filaments
Palmer Design & Manufacturing, ( chose 3DXNano™ ESD ABS and PETG filaments to make custom conformal coating masks to protect critical components of the printed circuit boards (PCBs) during the coating process. 

"3D printed masks allow us to improve quality, increase efficiency, and can be printed ESD-safe with great flexibility of design.  So even small companies with small board runs can benefit with professional masking products," says Andrew Palmer, President of Palmer Design & Manufacturing, LTD. "The 3DXTech materials are ideally suited for printing ESD-safe parts. We typically print with their ESD ABS grade unless the customer is using a solvent-based conformal coating - then the PETG grade is more suitable. Before we started 3D printing these parts, our customers often used masking tape or CNC machined masks. Masking tapes are slow and imprecise - often leading to quality issues from incorrect masking. CNC machined masks are expensive compared to our 3D printed parts, so smaller customers who couldn't afford the CNC machined parts can use our 3D printed parts and not worry about the issues with masking tapes." 
"Essentially, 3D printed masks allow us to improve quality, increase efficiency, and can be printed ESD-safe with great flexibility of design," Palmer points out.  "So even small companies with small board runs can benefit with professional masking products."

Benefits of 3D printing conformal coating mask jigs with 3DXNano™ ESD filaments include:
• 3D printing is deal for low-to-medium volume applications where custom configurations are often needed
• Low investment in manufacturing equipment: highly functional desktop printers are now available for under $3,000 (USD)
• Fast turn-around time - most parts can be designed and printed within hours
• Two grades available - 3DXNano™ ESD ABS is suitable for water-based coatings while 3DXNano™ ESD PETG has improved chemical resistance and is often chosen for solvent-based coatings
• 3DXNano™ ESD products offer consistent ESD levels from part-to-part and lot-to-lot while resulting in exceptionally low particulate contamination.


About 3DXTech
3DXTech is Michigan-based company focused on creating innovative materials for the 3D Printing industry. A primary goal of 3DXTech is to create products with improved functionality to solve difficult engineering problems. New products are vetted for processability, printability, and functionality before being released for commercial sale. 3DXTech offers a wide array of materials that are ideal for both the hobbyists and manufacturing markets. The company is investing heavily into R&D to create next-generation materials focused on improvements in key areas such as mechanical, chemical, thermal, and dimensional stability.

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