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[Free Webinar] On-Orbit Manufacturing - Why You Should Enter the Space Race

[Free Webinar] On-Orbit Manufacturing - Why You Should Enter the Space Race

Just last week, Infocast presented the webinar, On-Orbit Manufacturing a precursor to April’s upcoming Space 2.0 Summit. Aimed at drawing in those companies that mistakenly think business in space is "not for them," the webinar made a clear case for why now is the time to get involved in orbital R&D and space-based manufacturing.

Moderated by Dr. Ioana Cozmuta of the NASA Ames Research Center, the discussion included companies at the forefront of this latest version of the space race.

Here's a quick rundown of topics addressed in the webinar:

Case studies of unique competitive advantages that can be gained from microgravity and the space vacuum: wafer re-processing, fiber optics, crystal growth for use in Earth-based applications as wide ranging as the life sciences, consumer electronics and more

Prospective solar-powered orbital data centers

Reuse and recycling in space as an economic force: Orbital debris as possible feedstock for in-space 3D printing, how recycling presents business opportunities

Manufacturing in space for terrestrial use - energy needs for exploration and settlement, including 3D-printed electric cells

The story behind the original WakeShield wafer fabrication facility and its relevance to today’s activities.

Longer term scenario of flexible, connected, automated, intelligent and sustainable orbital factories of the future.

Learn more about the unconventional business applications for space, as well as the latest in on-orbit manufacturing. Click here to access the full presentation