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The Emergence and Implications of Nanomanufacturing

By Len Calderone | Reprinted with Permission from RoboticsTomorrow

There have been many technologies that have emerged in the past to change our lives, such as cars, plastics, and semiconductors. Nanotechnology could produce new developments in materials implementation.

Additive Manufacturing Reaching Critical Mass

By Debra Werner | Reprinted with Permission from SpaceNews

One of two satellite fuel tank simulators rapid prototyping specialist RedEye built for Lockheed Martin Space Systems this past winter was the largest part the firm ever produced with its 3-D printers.

Breaking Out of the Mold

By Ellie Zolfagharifard | Reprinted with Permission from The Engineer UK

Breaking Out of the Mold

With engineers dreaming up increasingly intricate designs, software for 3D printing is beginning to fall short of expectations.

Apple's plans for 2014: robots, advanced manufacturing processes and more

Apple's plans for 2014: robots, advanced manufacturing processes and more

Every time Apple introduces a new product at a media event, they love showing us a video depicting the incredible, and sometimes pioneering, manufacturing methods used to create their latest and greatest device. The most recent example came a few weeks ago during Apple's special media event where we were treated to a slickly produced video depicting how the Mac Pro is made.

The video, per usual, features an assortment of advanced manufacturing methods and fast-moving robots working together to bring Apple's award-winning hardware designs to life.


Mike Kazmierski: Advanced manufacturing: cornerstone of our economic future

Things are really hopping here at EDAWN, and the growing awareness of our competitive advantages for manufacturing is a big part of the increased activity.

Most companies looking to relocate or expand consider many criteria when reviewing their options, and manufacturing is no different. Reno-Sparks stacks up quite well against general criteria; however, our region really stands out as a great place for manufacturing.