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Tech Trends 2014: Wearables

By Shehryar Khan & Evangeline Marzec | Reprinted with Permission from Deloitte University Press

Wearables hold possibilities for driving down costs and increasing competitiveness. What could it mean for your organization?

3D opportunity for the Department of Defense

By Matthew J. Louis, Tom Seymour & Jim Joyce | Reprinted with Permission from Deloitte University Press

In an era of unsustainable defense budgets and increasingly complex enemies, advanced manufacturing holds the potential to help the United States to meet its mission and responsibilities in both arenas.

An Introduction to Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

By Susana Acosta | Business Development Media

Augmented reality has transformed from a futuristic idea into today’s real-world applications. Building on the ever expanding presence of technology, engineers and designers today are able to reproduce real-life experiences with simulations contained in cameras and small viewing portals.

The promises and perils of space-based additive manufacturing

By Bhavya Lal | Reprinted with Permission from The Space Review

Last week, NASA and Made In Space Inc. announced that they had made the first 3D-printed part in space using the 3D printer that was launched into space in September and installed inside the glovebox on the International Space Station (ISS).

Giving up the day job

By Daniel O'Connor | Reprinted with Permission from TCT Magazine

It is easy to see why technology is inherently seen as a threat to the workforce; nine times out of ten the introduction of technology into a corporation is designed to save cost on labour.

Final Thoughts from Additive/Aerospace 2014

By Jason Keehn | Co-Editor | Advanced Manufacturing Insight

Over 100 business professionals met at Infocast's 2nd Additive/Aerospace Summit in Los Angeles, Nov 3-6. The meeting focused on bringing aerospace OEMs, officials and R&D directors to share their their insight into the emerging additive industry.

Using 3D Printers to Print out Self-Learning Robots

By Yngve Vogt | Reprinted with Permission from Apollon Research Magazine

When the robots of the future are set to extract minerals from other planets, they need to be both self-learning and self-repairing. Researchers at Oslo University have already succeeded in producing self-instructing robots on 3D printers.

3D printing innovations: 5 fast ones on 3D printing

By Norma Barr | Reprinted with Permission from Inside3DP

We reached out to industry leaders and 3D printing experts to get their thoughts on where the industry is headed. In today’s post we  feature Norma Barr, co-founder of DimensionAlley, a 3D printing café in Berlin.