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3-D Printing's Latest Creation: Jobs

By Mary Thompson | CNBC

It is not rocket science, but understanding and implementing how 3-D printing, or additive manufacturing, can be used to make parts for satellites and other space systems is a discipline that is not yet fully understood.

Northeastern University: Researchers Invent 3D Magnetic Printing, Make Neonatal Catheters

By Bridget Butler Millsaps |

The impacts that are being made with 3D printing are undeniably amazing, as we watch creative innovations being made in art and design rocking events and runways, important inventions for self-sustainability in areas like housing and water, out-of-this-world components being made for rockets, and what many find to be most important–huge strides in the medical sector.

A Profile of Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Technology


Hybrid additive manufacturing (AM) has been gaining a lot of traction over the past four-to-five years, but it’s still a technology with a lot of unknowns. First, hybrid manufacturing’s name is non-descriptive to the point of being enigmatic.